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The Transformer 2 
The #1 Foldable Travel Scooter 


Travel Friendly  

  • Approved for airline travel

  • Recommended by cruise lines 

  • Transport in a car, SUV or van 


  • Foldable & Travel Ready 

  • Can be pulled like luggage 

  • No ramps required 

Get the Transformer 2 with a FREE Side Arm Bag, Cup Holder, and Shipping. 



Our scooters are equipped with flat-free tires allowing you to drive on a variety of surfaces including pavement, gravel, grass and dirt. 

Order a GoLite Mini Lift with the Transformer 2 and Save $400.00 

  • Only weighs 23lbs. 

  • Lifts up to 100lbs. 

  • Fits in any vehicle 

  • One-Touch Remote Control 

  • Portable, no need to attached  to your vehicle

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