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Transformer 2 Automatic Folding Scooter

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FREE Side-Arm-Bag, Cup-Holder, and Free Shipping. 

MSRP: $3,885.00
SALE PRICE: $2,775.00 

Folds and Unfolds with a Touch of a Button 


The Transformer 2 is the worlds leading automatic folding scooter. It comes with a remote control that allows you to fold and unfold the unit at the touch of a button, automatically. It features a new and improved frame design, automatic motor system, as well as a new sporty body design.


It is equipped with an airline approved lithium-ion battery that weighs only 4lbs, bringing the total weight of the unit to 55lbs. It also features a new ergonomic steering wheel with speed control, horn, and a battery charge indicator. There is also on on-board button to automatically fold the Transformer in the event you don’t have your remote control with you. The unit can also be folded and unfolded manually.   


If added stability is on your checklist, the Transformer is a perfect fit. It is a true four-wheeled mobility scooter, providing added stability over traditional three wheeled mobility scooters. So don’t let mobility challenges stop you from doing the things you enjoy doing. Like going shopping, to museums, amusement parks, family gatherings, traveling or just being able to have more independence. Experience more with the Transformer.


Key Features


  • -Automatic folding and unfolding with remote control

  • -Lightweight space saving design

  • -Fully adjustable sterring column (height and angle)

  • -300lb weight capacity

  • -Up to 13.5 miles per charge

  • -Aluminum Alloy Frame

  • -Airline safe lithium batteries 

  • Can be folded manually



“The Mobie foldable scooter has changed my life”.  


One time when I was at the airport, I had only 4 minutes to get on the plane.  The flight attendant asked me how much my scooter weighed and I said about 54lbs.  I rolled up through the terminal, quickly got off my Mobie, folded it in less than 30 seconds, and gave it to the flight attendant. 


Everybody around me was so amazed.  After the flight, the pilot came out to me and wanted to see this awesome scooter!  I have had so many favorable responses that I have to show this scooter to everyone I see.  There was also a time I rode to the grocery store and everyone wanted to help me because they wanted to see how this amazing scooter worked.”


Deanna Harper-Griffin

This portable scooter enabled us to travel without concerns for mobility


Solax Mobie Scooter (Red). We bought this for an upcoming trip in which we will be on a cruise ship and traveling overseas. The Mobie does exactly what we need folds and unfolds easily like the old Castro couch commercials even a child could do it. No pieces to remove or put back, and its a light weight 54 pounds so valet and airline personnel complement us on how great it is and easy for them to lift. We have gate checked it on two trips and my wife can ride down the jetway and back out again in the airport.


Philip Cruz

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