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Hercules Portable Automatic Lift for Solax Foldable Scoters

Hercules Lift 2.png

Hercules Lift 2.png

Hercules Lift 7.jpg

Hercules Lift 7.jpg

Hercules Lift 1.jpg

Hercules Lift 1.jpg


About the Hercules Portable Automated Lift 


The Hercules Portable Automated Lift is designed to do all the lifting for you. It weighs only 22 lbs., and fits in the trunk of any vehicle. All you need to do is unfold the unit, raise the telescopic ladder with motor, connect the power cable to the scooters XLR power connector, connect the hoist, and you’re ready to lift the unit with the touch of the on switch.  


The Hercules lift is equipped with wheels to allow you to easily guide the scooter into any car, van or SUV. It supports up to 60lbs., and literally does all the lifting for you. It requires no assembly and ready to go right out the box. 




Key Features


  • Lightweight design (only 22 lbs.) 

  • Portable. No need to attach to trunk. 

  • Folds and unfolds in seconds 

  • Does all the lifting for you 

  • 60lb weight capacity

  • Dimensions: 28 X 18" X 11" 

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