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Warranty Details

  • 3-years for the metal structural frame parts - This does not include the folding motor or Tiller or user damage. 

  • 1 year for electrical-mechanical parts. This excludes:

    • Damage to the tiller that is a result of user damage caused by leaning on the tiller attempting to close it without adjusting it to its default full vertical position.

    • Physical damage to the folding motor caused by applying pressure to unfold it manually when it was folded using the automatic function or if the folding motor stops working for any reason. If the folding motor stops working during the folding or unfolding process, we recommend you immediately contact our technical support department.

    • Damage to the wiring or undercarriage caused by the user going over an area that makes contact to these components. 

  • 6-Months for the battery. This excludes: 

    • Physical damage to the battery ​

    • Removal of the "Void if Removed" label. 

  • Tire wear and tear is not covered.

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