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How much does the Mobie weigh?

50lbs. without battery, 54 lbs. with battery


What distance will the Mobie travel per charge?

Up to 13.5 miles depending on the weight of a person and the terrain they are driving on.


How much weight will the Mobie support?

Up to 300lbs.


What are the dimensions of the Mobie?

Folded: 17”L X 17.5” W X 23.5” H


How high is the seat from the ground?



How high is the seat from the Scooter floor board?



Is the seat height adjustable?

No, due to the way it folds the seat cannot be height adjustable


What kind of tires does the Mobie have?

Solid Rubber/Plastic


Is the Mobie covered by Medicare?

No, the Mobie is not coded for Medicare.


Is a Mobie airline friendly?

Yes. The lithium battery conforms to the regulations from the department of transportation for safe air travel. The regulation requires that the battery must contain less than 25 grams of lithium, the Mobie contains 22 grams. The Mobie also fits in a cabin of a cruise ship.


How long does the battery take to charge?

5-6 hours


What is the product warranty?

3 years on the frame. 1 year on electro mechanical parts. 6 months for the battery.


What kind of surfaces can I ride the Mobie on?

Both indoor and outdoor flat surfaces. This includes concrete, asphalt, carpet, wood floors.


Does the Mobie have a Free Wheel option?

No, as the Mobie can be easily transported like luggage when folded.


What is the maximum incline that the Mobie can be driven on?

8 degrees


How do you charge the Mobie?

  • The Mobie has an onboard charger. It comes with a power supply that connects between the Mobie and any 110V AC outlet.

  • The Mobie also has an optional off-board docking station charger. With this unit, the Mobie does not have to be present when charging.


How long does the Mobie battery last?

Up to 500 charge cycles. Depending on how often you ride it, this could be 2-3 years.


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